Updates - 2004

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12.15.04 In the collectibles section, the "V" page has been added. I've also added more items in the "C" area, including pop up cards, coasters, etc.; there is also now a "C" Page 2. I also have a new watch to add under "W," and other collectibles to add through out.

New books on Monroe scheduled for 2005 release: One of them, “There is Another DiMaggio – Telling It Like It Was,” contains previously unpublished photos of Monroe. For more information on that, please click here


The other new book is entitled The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe, by Sarah Bartlett Churchwell (see photo at left)

11.26.04 A small number of photos have been added to the gallery. If you have any rare / unusual photos of Marilyn, please consider sending them my way!

I eventually plan on turning my attention back to the collectibles section.


11.02.04 There are now over 900 photos in the photo gallery. Where possible, I have replaced images with poor quality with larger images of better quality.


10.26.04 I've obviously changed the look of the home page - yet again. I also changed the look of the collectibles index page. I still have a billion more photos to upload as well.


10.08.04 More photos have been added to the galleries. I have even more photos to add, but it will probably be a long while before I add those.

I received an e-mail from one of the admins at StarPages.net letting me know that this site has received at least 50 votes. Thanks again to everyone who has voted for 26.62


9.29.04 A few books have been added to the books section, e.g., "The Thirty Faces of Marilyn," "A Different View Of Marilyn," "Violations Of The Child Marilyn Monroe," and "Hometown Girl."

If any of you fellow Marilyn fans actually visit this site from time to time, you have to let me know about books I don't have on my list, and I'll add them!


9.28.04 Have expanded the photo gallery. There are now over 600 photos on the site. Am still at work updating the look of the other image pages, e.g., the art work page, etc. - I'm interested in photos of Marilyn that one does not usually see, which is why you won't find many of the standard / typical shots of Monroe on the site. There are plenty of other sites which have the usual pictures.


8.30.04 Have updated not only the 'look' of the essays but have also included new commentary in them.


8.27.04 Have obviously changed the look of the site. It will be awhile before the rest of the site gets the new treatment.

Thanks to everyone who's voted for the site!


8.14.04 Added Photo Galleries Resources Page in addition to adding other items in the collectibles section


8.13.04 Added T Section to Collectibles


8.12.04 Added L Section to Collectibles


8.10.04 K Section and S Section Added to Collectibles. I now have a NEW E MAIL address (see the "contact page")


8.09.04 Redesigning Look of Collectibles Section


8.03.04 Added new collectibes to Perfume section


7.19.04 Received e-mail from author Roger Taylor (of first Marilyn In Art book) asking if I'd like to possibly have some of my Monroe art appear in his next Marilyn In Art book (I said yes, by the way!)


5.037.04 "W" Page Created


Collectibles > "P" Page 1 and "P" Page 2 have been updated


1.20.04 Added new photos to the "Rare Photos" section and created the "My Favorite Marilyn Photos" page; changed artwork from gold lamé dress theme to Cherie from Bus Stop theme


1.09.04 Added "Photo Galleries and Art" Section